Saturday, March 29, 2008

25, 26, and 27 weeks oh my!

I'm behind and few weeks, but looks like my mom is the only one to leave comments so I guess not to many people are checking me out, huh? where are your comments people

Well here are the last 2 weeks of belly shots, 25 and 26 weeks, we will have to take the 27 week shots tomorrow

I accidentally flip flopped the images, whoops!

I feel like my belly has doubled its size in the last month, definitely looking preggo now
My newest symptoms are legs cramps and numb hands when I sleep at night, my right hand is worse, I guess I'm getting carpal tunnel from the fluid and weight gain, my doctor didn't seem concerned at all saying it was completely normal, but my sleep is suffering

here is a cute little photo of me at 25 weeks before we went out to dinner one night, I think I'm much bigger now

I have my baby shower next weekend, I am so excited I can't wait to see all the the cute little girl stuff, I'm flying to Virginia to have one with my family and friends, speaking of little girls, we had a triple confirmation that we are 300% having a girl...

David treated us to a 3D U/S today, Surprise!! it was soooo freaking awesome. She is so cute and we got a bunch of pix on CD that won't work in our computer right now, argh! and a DVD that I will go pick up on Wednesday. Here are some of the pix she printed for us, my scanner is not very good here so they look a little more distorted quality wise than they do in person

Isn't she a cutie! David is afraid that she has his Samoan nose :0)

It was very difficult to get her hands out of the way, she has always had her hands by her head at every U/S I've had, and she kept her little hand over her mouth almost the whole time, so we had to poke her to get her to move it out of the way

We have over 50 more photos on a disk, but we need to buy a new cd drive so I can open them on the computer

This was her when she was grabbing her toes!!

We saw her open her eyes and open her mouth, smile a little, and stretch and move around
In the beginning the tech was worried she wouldn't get a shot of her face because she had her face smooshed into my placenta. According to her babies like to suck on it because it can sort of taste like whatever I eat, I've never heard of that. Anyone else?

It was amazing to see her look so real! Hopefully we can get some video of it on here soon

until then....I'm gonna go sew some little girl dresses..... see ya soon!


Jesstopher said...

Wow, she looks just like me... all cute and stuff!

Mommaw's Corner said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!What a little Samoan she is...that is not a Harris nose, that's for sure,haha. Jessica, Ilove your comment..just what I was going to say...hahahahaha. I love the close up pics with that beautuful green band and cute, like Jessica. We'll be waiting for you to come to your and hugs Mom

sharon said...

Yes Marcie I just ckd out your latest pix of our newest entry into the Salmon clan. I showed them to Tonya and Brian... wow such great big beautiful pix of your baby daughter..
Again I can hardly wait to see this lovely child of yours and David's.
She is going to be a gorgeous baby.. You know I always wished I was an Indian or Hawaiian child.. and I always thought it would be wonderful to see a grandchild with such beautiful coloring.. well I get to get a great niece and think that I am so lucky. I sure hope to see her every now and then as she crawls, walks, talks etc.
Ant sharon

sharon said...

By the way I wanted to comment on your inborn ability to knit and be creative ... like copying those funny pants???
and sew dresses ... yu are the wonder woman!!
ant sharon

Courtney said...

Hi Marcie! I am looking at your website I promise. I just missed like 3 weeks because we were super busy at work and I had no internet at home. The pictures are great. I'm so sorry I missed the shower:( but your gift will be in the mail soon! Talk to you soon!

Love ya Courts

Mommaw's Corner said...