Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Almost a walker

Well last weekend L started to try to walk. He was standing and just had this look on him that he really wanted to move his legs and walk without holding on. He started too and just plopped on the ground. Last night in a rush to get Alana on the potty he walked while holding my hands, that was totally a first. He managed to do it briefly one more time later that night so daddy could see.
Today when I picked him up at daycare Kailash said that he was taking a couple steps. I held him up and he took like 1.5 steps before falling down. I'm sure it will be very soon and he will be walking across the room.

We went to the botanical gardens to get A's 3 year portraits. It was struggle but we managed to get some great shots of her and a few of L. I'll share a few pix later on.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sock Monkey Party Planning Ideas.. my list

Love this!


My party planning list/ideas: Just brainstorming. Figured I'd type it up here so I can't lose it

For L
Knit a hat
Knit pants
party hat

red/cream/gray or brown balloon wreath
paper lanterns red/white
sock monkey doll
brown/white polka dot, cream & red ribbon for decorating

monkey juice
banana pudding
cupcakes - sticks labels
red/white stripe straws
caprese skewers
candy jars - clear jars (ikea?)
pb sandwiches
labeled water bottles - etsy
gray bucket for ice - already have
monkey bread
sock monkey cake
red stripe/coke/drpepper bottles
pasta (cream/red)?

etsy paper products: http://www.etsy.com/search_results_shop.php?search_query=sock+monkey&search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_8303080#

Little Man is 11 months old today!

Wow has time flown by. I can't believe L is 11 months old already and that I've done no planning for his birthday yet. The last few days he has been standing up on his own for 2-3 seconds at a time. I was getting some pictures of him tonight and was trying to get him to do it. He actually stood by himself twice for quite a few seconds. I managed to snap a pic. Will share those pix later on. Yesterday I caught him standing on top of A's step stool digging in the trash. He also loves to turn the volume up on the T.V. A was so easy compared to this little dude. Anything he can get into he will. He also likes to climb up things and then can't get back out. yeesh! His bottom teeth are pretty much all the way in and his top two teeth are coming out a little bit at a time.

A is able to enunciate words a little better now. It is funny though, yesterday she was running and saying she needed to ektercise and that she loves running. She is super sweet and loves to help out in any way with her brother. She even tells him no no all the time. She also loves to help change diapers. She is a great sister except for when he has something that is hers or that she wants. She just yanks it out of his hands. I try to explain to her that we share toys but she doesn't get it.

My family will be in town in less than a month. I'm super excited! I really need to start planning that birthday party. I was going to do a sock monkey theme that I saw on my favorite bday planning website. I was going to knit him some sock monkey pants for him to wear. Still not sure though. We'll see ...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow I love reading this blog

Oh my sweet little girl is so grown up now. I really loved looking back and reading this blog. I really wish I would of kept it up. So many things you forget. I even more really wish I would of done this for Liam. But isn't that how it goes. Your first is porcelin. You do so much for them and then the second comes and they just tag along.

Well maybe if I remember I will try to post a few stories here and there so that I can read about them later on after I have forgotten everything

Just for fun, lets catch up from where we left off, this is gonna take a while......

22 months worth of photos in review:

13 months Jul 09 - Aug 09

lana loo playing at her favorite park

14 months Aug 09 - Sept 09

We used to spend every Saturday at the park with her friend J

15 months Sep 09 - Oct 09

Celebrating Halloween in LA.
Got to hang with some famous people :0)

16 months Oct 09 - Nov 09

My Little Lamb
Halloween '09

Already playing with mommy's makeup

17 months Nov 09 - Dec 09

Poor baby was afraid of Santa,
but what an awesome classic shot
I love it, haha

In December when Mommaw and Gma came to visit

18 months Dec 09 - Jan 10

During our 18th month "photoshoot"
as you can see I got a new camera when Alana turned 1
I started out not so good as you see here
but I do get better.

whoops, looks who's coming soon....

This is really just leftover from Alana... lol

Our new little bean Due August 2010

19 months Jan 10 - Feb 10

Our Valentine's "photoshoot"

20 months Feb 10 - Mar 10

Our little bean is growing up, look at those long legs

Trying out a new park with her buddy J

hmmm, what do we have here??
guess we will find out soon enough

21 months March 10 - Apr 10

woo hoo....It's a boy.
My sister was visiting the week we did the big US. She got to be in the room
when we found out for real!

2nd Easter.. crazy girl

22 months April 10 - May 10

Getting bigger. You remember I have pix of my belly for every week
that I was pregnant the first time. ya, well I was lucky to get every month for the
second pregnancy.... The maternity
portraits later on make up for it :0)

oooh another new park...

23 months May 10 - June 10

Little man is getting bigger. Funny thing is he was in the same exact position as
lana loo when she was in my belly. Butt in my upper right liver..lol and head in lower left pelvis, same hiccups too :0)

As you can see during this pregnancy my photography was
put to the side

2 years old!!! June '10 ... hmm not on my flickr, will update later...

Jul 10

But here is our sweet boy!

lana loo got a formal 2 year photoshoot by the lovely
Amberbella Photography <3

mommy just snapping a pic of her sewing

On my birthday and a new haircut. What is it with being pregnant
and wanting to chop all your hair off

oooh here it is. 5 am in the morning in Malibu
My amazing photoshoot again with the super
talented Amberbella Photography

Aug 10

One of my most favorite shots of L.
Its amazing what kids will do for a lollipop

and look who decided to join us in August!
weighing in at 8lbs 3oz
8:23 am
minutes after birth

Sep 10

My most favorite photograph of li li boy.
yep I call him li li boy, embarrassing isn't it?
As you can see I am starting to get back into my photography.
And what a lovely model to inspire me

Oct 10

Hanging out in VA at mommaw's with Buffy.

My handsome boy... he love's his mama.
also sporting the blue/gray eyes which have yet to change :0)

li li first Halloween!!!

Nov 10

Enjoying a beautiful day at Aunt Sweetpeas. Such a natural
First time on a horse and she loved it, like she's been
riding for years.

oh sweet boy's 3 month photoshoot

Dec 10
Getting ready for Santa
4 months old

I really need to update my flickr, I couldn't find a pic of Alana for December :(

Jan 11

Our first photoshoot of the new year. Jan 1, 2011

My little man getting some love from daddy

Feb 11

Our Valentines for 2011

6 month photoshoot, El matador
My favorite Beach
@ sunset

Mar 11

7 months old!!!

Another one of my faves! Like a little Gap model

Apr 11

Easter 2011

We got a thumbsucker :0)

May 11

Can't wait to put this on the wall of my house

Jun 11

lana loo turns 3!!!!

10 months old and already has 2 teeth on the bottom
and 2 more coming in on top

July 11

Wow that was a lot of catching up.....