Tuesday, December 11, 2007

3rd measurable Ultrasound - week 11 ?

*update with pictures and video*

pix from my cell phone

this is a video from my cell phone

I had Tien give me an U/S today, and I got to see the baby jumping around. I took pictures with my cell phone and a video from my cell phone too since we cant print pictures here at work. Its sooo cute! I'll have to load them on here tomorrow, their not perfect quality but the video is great to see.

We saw a little hand, I thought I could see maybe feet, and we saw the profile of the face, every time Tien pushed on my belly it would jump, so cute!!

I'm measuring 11 weeks 6 days and 5 cm. My first U/S is saying I'm 10 weeks 6 days today. and my second U/S says I'm 11 weeks 5 days today. I think we may be due the end of June instead of July.

We keep forgetting to take belly shots, we missed last week, so I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow also

I had a very tired week last week, I could barely keep my head up at work and I just layed around the house when I was there, I even stayed in bed until 2pm on Sunday, that's how tired I was, also a few little twinges and light crampy feelings to go along with it, must of been a big growing week for me.

I'm flying home next week for Christmas, I can't wait!!!

here are week 11 belly shots, I forgot last week woops, no big changes

Monday, December 3, 2007

oh I'm a week late - week 9

Well this will probably happen a lot, I didn't post last week, and I still haven't taken my belly pictures for this week, but I do have them from last week to post

No big changes, just still eating a lot. I'm really loving fried potato's, they are my favorite. And I actually went out an bought donuts today, I really wanted one, so I bought six. yikes. I also managed to finish Davids breakfast yesterday, he usually finishes mine

My belly seems a little poochier and my bbs are definitely growing, I've been having soreness more often, and as always I'm tired, I slept a lot these past 2 days, sat night I stated in bed for 10 hours, woah! and took a nap Sunday.

I'm seeing a trainer at the gym, and she has given me some great exercises, I just get tired really easily when doing them, but I have manage to get some of the 20 minutes walks in there, but not quite everyday as expected

David and I went for a walk yesterday around the track at the school by our house, We walked I think 5 or 6 laps, maybe 5, but I was soooo exhausted afterwards and hungry!!

Chocolate tastes soooo good all the time

Well here are my latest belly shots

I actually look smaller than last week