Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy 1st Mother's Day

Yay, my first real mother's day. David made us breakfast this morning then we went to the park and took some pix with Alana, had a late lunch and came back to hang out around the house, I also got a present this morning from David and Alana, I got a new Ipod Touch, wow!!

Alana was standing a few times today, un-assisted, only for a 4-5 seconds, and I would get all excited and scream, David she's standing and it would startle her and she would plop down,

She is walking pretty good with the little hand held walker. She is getting very clingy towards me lately, not sure what it is, maybe she is just hungry and she knows I'm her source of food.

David is working on Alana's pre-birthday invitations. I finally finished all 12 tutus, I made a bib for Alana's b-day, I painted the wands and just have to glue the stars on. I hope to get it shipped out to my mom's house this week.

I can't find my digital camera adapter to hook the card into the computer so I can't upload any new pictures right now, hopefully I will have time for that another day this week. I want to show some of the pictures we took today at the park

Alana is just getting so big, we can't wait to go home in just a couple weeks to share her with all her family, they won't even recognize her, I can't wait for her to see everyone!!

goodnight, back to work tomorrow