Monday, January 28, 2008

18 weeks, almost halfway there

I have been so lazy, so not to active on here, I need to get it together

We missed week 16 pix but we did take week 17 pix so here they are

eww I look fat.... sometimes at night when I wake from my always full bladder if I feel my stomach just under my belly button, its hard as a rock, I assume that is my uterus being forced up by my bladder

and about this whole full bladder thing, I have no idea how I am going to handle it when its gets worse, because I am so annoyed at the fact that my bladder ALWAYS feel full. but yet so little comes out at a time, what am I gonna do

no pix since the last one. Our big U/S date is Feb 8th, where we get to find out the sex!!! woohoo, will we be Team Pink or Blue... what do you think??

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 15 ish

I finally got over my yucky cold and feel much better, we took some new pix this morning, I think I'm in week 15, the U/S I had last Friday at work would put me at 16 weeks today though.

my appetite seems to be back to normal, I'm not as ferocious anymore, but the last 2 days my bbs have been extra sore, still not feeling anything yet, I expect that to come later since this is my first pregnancy

We bought a new desk for the spare room so we can rearrange the furniture and make room for baby stuff, its exciting, but this room is a huge mess right now, I have a lot of work to do a and a lot of things to get rid of to make more room

like I said I had an U/S at work last friday and it was super cool since now you can see all the bones, the fingers, we could even see the 2 individual bones in the forearm way cool

I took more video and pictures, but the baby was in a weird position and they dont really look like much of anything, just blobs on the screen, I'll put the videos up though so you can see a little and some pix

here you can kind of see the spine and ribs, with the head and neck to the left

this is the measurements she did to calculate age, the picture is when she measured the femur, she also measured the head and abdomen

this was when she measure the heart rate 150 bpm

Here is the first video, another girl I work with was scanning me, thats her talking, we got to use the machine ourselves, so we aren't experts and the pictures aren't great, but you can see the arms and legs moving, the pictures are at angle like your looking down on its head from above

here you can see a little hand/fingers towards the bottom left

this video is a little longer (1.5 mins) at the 1 min. mark you can see the legs crossed at the ankles

and we can't forget the belly shots

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Checking in at 14 weeks

Wanted to check it with new pix and measurements
I am approx. 14 weeks now

I had sore throat last week and the doctor thought I caught a virus going around, which then evolved into lots of congestion, coughing, sneezing, and a very irritated throat, not sleeping very well, it worse at night, so I bought a humidifier, but it didn't help any last night

last week I weighed 139, today I weighed 136.8
measurement just below belly button was 34 inches

wow all the pictures we just took with the digital camera just disappeared when I put the card in the computer to load them, like they were never there...

ugh look at that belly