Monday, October 20, 2008

4 months old

wow! Alana is 4 months old today

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alana is 15 weeks old.... thats 3 1/2 months

So I still like saying how many weeks old she is... when is it going overboard with the weeks? When should I stop and just convert to months.....

Things are well, I made it through 2 weeks of work already. The daycare seems to be going great and I am always told how good she is and how adorable and cute she is. But I still wish I had more time with her, I miss her all week and the weekends just aren't long enough :0(

We had some serious growing going on these last 2 weeks. I had dropped her off at daycare one morning and when I picked her up she didn't fit in the car seat. We had to take the inserts and move the straps up when we got home so she could fit.

Last weekend I saw her roll over to her left side for the first time and now every time we change her diaper she rolls to the left, so diaper changing is sideways now.

We weighed her on the scale at home and it said she was 15 lbs, yowza :0)

David and I went to old navy and baby gap today looking for a fall/Halloween dress to go with the black/white striped leggings I am going to make for her. I wanted to get a dress to go with it for her pictures we are getting done in a few weeks. Anyway I didn't find anything I liked or was looking for so David picked out a cute brown velour outfit, not a dress, but its still cute. So she will wear that for her pictures and hopefully another shot of her in her Halloween costume.

We ended up getting her the "pea in the pod" costume at Target, they were more affordable and that was the cutest thing we could find in her size it was either that or a chili pepper.

so since I won't be using the leggings her penny's pictures, I'm going to make a Halloween tutu to wear with them and her Halloween shirt and just take pictures myself

well enough talking her are some more of the pictures I took of her today with David and a few videos from the last few weeks

These videos are from 12 week and 14 weeks

I got the pictures from her 2 months sitting at JC penny's. They are so adorable, I went out and bought frames last weekend for them at Target. I will try to scan them soon so I can share them with you all.

Alana just keeps getting bigger and bigger, I love when I hold her now I feel her arms around me holding on, its so sweet to feel that. We have gone to a working mothers support group on the last two Saturdays. I get help and feedback with my pumping at work and she gets to play with other babys. It a lot of fun and very informative. Our instructor is trying to set up a weekend class for us with a lady who teaches about nutrition and recipes for when babies start eating and takes you on a tour of whole foods. I hope to be able to go to that class, sounds fun, we enjoy our mommy time, and Daddy enjoys his daddy time watching t.v. on the couch and napping while we go to our classes.

I wasn't going to alter her diet in any way at first but the more I think about it, since I'm vegetarian and well she has been so far, I want to only give her fish or chicken and not any red meat or pork. I thought that would be more healthy for her and better than going vegetarian since I'm not sure I could keep up with making sure she gets enough protein. Of course this doesn't matter much now but when she does start eating solids, thats my plan, and David is cool with it. So no sneaking my kid hot dogs okay, or you will be in trouble :0)

Well hope you enjoyed the pix and videos, hopefully I'll have some cool stuff to talk about next week!

ciao - Marcie :0)