Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad Mommy

omg. I was so busy last weekend I didn't get to post on Alana's Birthday. I wanted so bad to post and have June 20th show up... too bad we were busy celebrating in Las Vegas!

Yep Alana turned 1 last Saturday. We had a party for her the end of May while we were in Virginia. The whole 1st bday with family party and tutus and fairy wings. But on her actual birthday we drove to Vegas with my sisters and mom and had a small dinner with cake and waiters singing.

Alana is walking all over the place now, she really doesn't crawl much anymore. She started walking the Saturday before her birthday. Just 1 day and she was like a pro. She likes to say "uh oh" in her baby words when she drops stuff off her high chair or wherever she may be. She also likes to do her fake cough if she hears you cough. She still has this weird thing she does, she scrunches up her nose and breathes in and out loudly. Its weird but really cute. I have a picture of it somewhere. She is getting better at waving "hi" and now will wave "bye" but she will wave with both hands, opening and closing her hands. Its super cute.

We go for her 1 year appt tomorrow. I only pump twice a day now, down from 4 times a day. I am really losing my milk now. I get about 8 oz a day for her pumping and just nurse her after work. I hate to see it go, but I just don't want to pump at work anymore.

We are planning to take some pictures of Alana this weekend for her 1st bday pix. A few down at the beach and some at the Botanical Gardens. I hope to get a new camera and then David can photoshop them to our liking. I wanted something special for Alana's bday pix, not just boring old sears, and I can't afford a pro photographer. So I am hoping I can duplicate some nice pix on my own.

Well I'll go work on some pictures now to share with this post