Monday, December 3, 2007

oh I'm a week late - week 9

Well this will probably happen a lot, I didn't post last week, and I still haven't taken my belly pictures for this week, but I do have them from last week to post

No big changes, just still eating a lot. I'm really loving fried potato's, they are my favorite. And I actually went out an bought donuts today, I really wanted one, so I bought six. yikes. I also managed to finish Davids breakfast yesterday, he usually finishes mine

My belly seems a little poochier and my bbs are definitely growing, I've been having soreness more often, and as always I'm tired, I slept a lot these past 2 days, sat night I stated in bed for 10 hours, woah! and took a nap Sunday.

I'm seeing a trainer at the gym, and she has given me some great exercises, I just get tired really easily when doing them, but I have manage to get some of the 20 minutes walks in there, but not quite everyday as expected

David and I went for a walk yesterday around the track at the school by our house, We walked I think 5 or 6 laps, maybe 5, but I was soooo exhausted afterwards and hungry!!

Chocolate tastes soooo good all the time

Well here are my latest belly shots

I actually look smaller than last week

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