Monday, November 19, 2007

Journal entry 11/19/07

So I haven't written anything else down until today


I had my first official OB appt last Thursday 11/15. There was something more than a little speck in there this time and we saw it attached to the yolk sac. David got to see the heartbeat for the first time. she didn't do the Doppler though so we didn't get to hear it yet. It was really exciting and I Loved having David with me. I will make sure he can go every time, its not the same without him there.

This U/S measures at 7 weeks and says my EDD is 7-2-08, but according to my LMP my EDD is 6-20-08, the Dr. said early U/S aren't as accurate at calculating EDD, so I'm due sometime between 6-20 and 7-02

Our next appointment is Dec 13th, another month, just before I fly home for Christmas too!

My bbs are getting more and more sore everyday. I'm not as tired all the time like I was but still most of the time and still HUNGRY!

The worst thing right now for me is all the zits on my face, I'm breaking out really bad, I haven't had this many zits in forever! I had two REALLY bad days of bloating on friday and saturday.

I started my blog today (here I am) and hope to transfer what I write here onto there and post pictures of U/S and belly pix.

I told Shelly on Thursday after the appt. I called her and left a message that she would never believe who I saw today and that she had to call me back asap to see the picture. I tried to make it seem like I saw someone famous. So she called back all excited. Then I emailed the picture of the U/S to her titled "OMJ check this out". I think she may have thought it had to do with Josh Groban, her computer finally downloaded the picture and she was confused and laughing, saying what is this, and realized the person I saw today was my baby in my belly :0

I told Christopher & Jessica last night. She sent me a link to a really cute website that puts your face on an elf that dances and sings Christmas music, and it was so hilarious, of her, Christopher, Dylan and Addison, I couldn't stop laughing. So I came up with the idea to create one of us making a third elf with the U/S picture. Then when I got them on the web cam last night I emailed it so they could be surprised when they saw it. I don't think Jessica was very surprised, she had that smile like "I knew it". When I was on the web cam at Aaron's Halloween party she heard me say to David "should we tell them"

I am planning to tell my closest friends at Christmas when I go back home.

I got an email from my friend Jenifer today and she said she is trying for baby #2, how fun, I may have to tell her sooner, who knows

We took belly pictures yesterday also, finally, Ive been slacking off. We plan to continue that every week if we can or every other week, nothing but bloating so far.

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