Monday, November 19, 2007

11-14-07 my first written entry

Until now I have written in a journal twice including today just to catch myself up on whats been going on. I want to buy a pregnancy journal I just haven't found one I liked yet so Ive been jotting down notes. Here is my first entry to catch everyone up.....


Here is the official start of my journal. My first OB appt. is tomorrow at 8 am.

I stopped my BCP Saturday Septemeber 8th and started my AF Wednesday September 12th. I wet out of town 10/12 - 10/22 and took 3 negative tests in that week. I finally got a positive on Oct. 23rd, which was 2 weeks late on my next AF. The last negative one I took prior to that positive was a week earlier that Wednesday.

I started out really tired, probably at first from jet lag and traveling but it never ended. The day I flew home on the 22nd I did get really emotional from leaving my cellphone in the airport bathroom, and realizing this after leisurely walking out of the security area. Then I was so tired and so BLAH for 2 weeks with no desire to do anything

When I got my first positive test I didn't know whether to scream, cry, or throw up, I was running all over the apartment in and out of different rooms. David left his phone at home so I couldn't call him and I couldn't get a hold of my mom for over an hour. It was brutally painful and awful not to be able to tell anyone at that point :0) I then drove to Davids work to "bring him his cellphone" and showed him the positive test, and he picked me up hugging and swung me around.

David proceeded to tell every one he knew which made me jealous because I wanted to wait at little while. So the next person I told was Rhonda. She left me a message a week later, saying she had a dream I was pregnant. I called her back and talked for a little while waiting for the right moment to say something. Then she reminded me that she had the dream and I nonchalantly replied by saying she must be psychic. It was pretty cool since I dreamt she was pregnant and found out 2 days later she was with Lainey :0)

I plan to tell Shelly tomorrow after the U/S.

My first symptoms were tiredness and swollen bbs. They just seemed a little bigger. Then I very shortly started getting hungry about every 2 hours and peeing a little more.

This last week I've had to get up every night around 4 am to pee and last night my bbs started to get more sore when I layed on my stomach, my bbs have grown a lot in this last month, and seem a lot more full.

My belly is growing from having to eat every 2 hours. so far measurements at the biggest part is 34.5 inches, and I weigh 135lbs. It'll be fun to see how much that grows

yesterday and today have been the first time I've felt like I've had some energy, for at least a few minutes that is. I've also noticed a few weeks ago my face not looking so clear, more redness and bumps, and I woke up this morning with a pimple :0(

Well I'm hungry again and I am very excited for my appt. tomorrow. Last Wednesday I saw the heartbeat when Tien scanned me at work, hopefully we will see more tomorrow.

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