Tuesday, December 11, 2007

3rd measurable Ultrasound - week 11 ?

*update with pictures and video*

pix from my cell phone

this is a video from my cell phone

I had Tien give me an U/S today, and I got to see the baby jumping around. I took pictures with my cell phone and a video from my cell phone too since we cant print pictures here at work. Its sooo cute! I'll have to load them on here tomorrow, their not perfect quality but the video is great to see.

We saw a little hand, I thought I could see maybe feet, and we saw the profile of the face, every time Tien pushed on my belly it would jump, so cute!!

I'm measuring 11 weeks 6 days and 5 cm. My first U/S is saying I'm 10 weeks 6 days today. and my second U/S says I'm 11 weeks 5 days today. I think we may be due the end of June instead of July.

We keep forgetting to take belly shots, we missed last week, so I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow also

I had a very tired week last week, I could barely keep my head up at work and I just layed around the house when I was there, I even stayed in bed until 2pm on Sunday, that's how tired I was, also a few little twinges and light crampy feelings to go along with it, must of been a big growing week for me.

I'm flying home next week for Christmas, I can't wait!!!

here are week 11 belly shots, I forgot last week woops, no big changes


rhonda said...

I finally got it to play! woo hoo! How cool Marcie - that's so neat that you get to see all that. so much more than any of us ever got to see. I never got to see that!! You are so lucky and I can't believe you can see all of that so well. that's really amazing!

Shelly said...

Hey Marcie
Great video and picture! Looks a lot different from the first ultrasound picture. My trainer, Sally, told me today that she is pregnant. Her due date is July 1st! Can you believe that? I tell her all the time that she reminds me of you (you have similar features, body types, and mannerisms). She got married last year, too. Wierd, huh?

Shelly said...

Here there! I wanted to post just so that I could display my picture, too! I was a little jealous!:)