Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Almost a walker

Well last weekend L started to try to walk. He was standing and just had this look on him that he really wanted to move his legs and walk without holding on. He started too and just plopped on the ground. Last night in a rush to get Alana on the potty he walked while holding my hands, that was totally a first. He managed to do it briefly one more time later that night so daddy could see.
Today when I picked him up at daycare Kailash said that he was taking a couple steps. I held him up and he took like 1.5 steps before falling down. I'm sure it will be very soon and he will be walking across the room.

We went to the botanical gardens to get A's 3 year portraits. It was struggle but we managed to get some great shots of her and a few of L. I'll share a few pix later on.

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