Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Man is 11 months old today!

Wow has time flown by. I can't believe L is 11 months old already and that I've done no planning for his birthday yet. The last few days he has been standing up on his own for 2-3 seconds at a time. I was getting some pictures of him tonight and was trying to get him to do it. He actually stood by himself twice for quite a few seconds. I managed to snap a pic. Will share those pix later on. Yesterday I caught him standing on top of A's step stool digging in the trash. He also loves to turn the volume up on the T.V. A was so easy compared to this little dude. Anything he can get into he will. He also likes to climb up things and then can't get back out. yeesh! His bottom teeth are pretty much all the way in and his top two teeth are coming out a little bit at a time.

A is able to enunciate words a little better now. It is funny though, yesterday she was running and saying she needed to ektercise and that she loves running. She is super sweet and loves to help out in any way with her brother. She even tells him no no all the time. She also loves to help change diapers. She is a great sister except for when he has something that is hers or that she wants. She just yanks it out of his hands. I try to explain to her that we share toys but she doesn't get it.

My family will be in town in less than a month. I'm super excited! I really need to start planning that birthday party. I was going to do a sock monkey theme that I saw on my favorite bday planning website. I was going to knit him some sock monkey pants for him to wear. Still not sure though. We'll see ...

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