Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Picture Day - 14 weeks old

Alana was born on a Friday so I always make sure to take pictures of her on Fridays, she is 14 weeks old today and here are some pix we took tonight, before and after her bath. she is getting soooo big

I survived my first week back to work, it was so difficult and so depressing to have to go back but I made it. pumping at work is going okay. A little bit of a hassle since I am pumping in the bathroom. I'm going to a class in the morning at the pump station for working mothers who breastfeed.. Hopefully I'll get some good tips for pumping! I'm a few ounces shy of what she eats at daycare.

well here she is in all her cuteness

getting nakie for bathtime

uh oh! someone peed on me

getting dried off

ahh cozy in my pajamas, showing off my hat

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sharlenesh said...

She's my sweetie pie, sugar plum, smookums smookums sweet the apple of my eye....see "cuppycakesong" Love the pics...thanks for keeping up with her...I love ya