Sunday, December 28, 2008

mmm.. sweet potatos

We got our highchair in the mail yesterday from Mommaw and Bob and I couldn't wait to put it together and start using it, I was using the Bumbo chair on the kitchen floor, so very excitedly we got to use the highchair today and Alana ate her sweet potato's and rice cereal that I made for her, I ground up the brown rice and cooked it and had some sweet potato I cooked on Christmas

She had the sweet potato for the first time on Christmas but wasn't that into it, but starting yesterday and today she is really eating it, before she would make weird faces and then spit it out but now she opens her mouth and swallows, but of course some of it ends up on her chin

So we just wanted to show off our new high chair, btw, mommy already pinched her finger snapping her in, ouch!

Here are some pix from the first time she ever ate real food! on her 6 month birthday

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Leigh Anne said...

too stinkin' cute! love the chair too!

i never thought to use regular brown rice...syd has been eating the gerber brand, but it's so low in fiber. i think i'll ask the pedi today about making it myself (mostly to make sure she doesn't need to have the irob-fortified kind)...

so glad you posted! :)

alana is a doll!