Tuesday, February 5, 2008

week 19

looks like I got 3 girl votes so far, only 3 more days, keep voting!!

I got an U/S at work last Friday to try and sneak a peak at the boy or girl parts, but we weren't in the right position so she couldnt tell me yet. I have my dr.s appt on friday so hopefully we can tell there

I took more pix and video on my cell phone, photobucket is down right now so I cant load them or the belly shots this week but I cant put the video up

I might be able to try blogspot photo hosting for now, lets see if it works, looks good

oooh fun belly shots, still looks like a blob, I think its the pants, David wont let me change, he says I have to wear the same thing the whole time, well it looks better in person

and thats it.

I have been getting up 2 -3 times a night to pee, yay fun, see that foot kicking my bladder on the video. ya.

yesterday I was feeling what I thought were little kicks while sitting on the couch, I laid back a little and watched my belly and I swear for 2 of the "kicks" I saw my belly move (bounce) a little bit, so cool

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Mommaw's Corner said...

Wow, you look pg to me!!! getting there....so nice to see baby moving...